Jan. 13th, 2009

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Subject: Initial Overview
Rules of the Situation:
- Magic and other superhuman abilities are permitted at a reduced potency.
- Escape by physical or supernatural means has been restricted if not outright sealed.
- The normal laws of physics seem to apply.
- A giant creature and several smaller creatures serve as an impromptu network of guards against escape.
- The smaller creatures periodically harass residents; the giant one lays dormant until disturbed.
- The giant creature is said to be natural; will have to verify.
- Physical isolation is enforced, not natural; boats can most likely traverse the water if not for the giant creature.  Birds can fly freely.
- Humans are present, not Manikins.
- Demons of the commonly recognized clans are not present.
- Thor nor the Seraphs seem to hold any sway here, nor do the other Fiends.  Kagutsuchi is also absent.
- The Gaian Cult and Messian Church have no presence here.
- The world seems mostly intact; there is rubble, at the very least.
- The world seems very similar to the world before the Conception.  The monster is the only identifiable discrepancy.
- All continuities seem to have a connection here.
- This world is very likely still connected to Amala.
- This is not a Vortex World.
- This is potentially a world created according to some Reason that restricts supernatural power.
- Whatever force or being trapping us here is testing our response to various stresses.
- That force is most likely neither the Great Will nor Lucifer.

Special Subject: Zero
- Claims the beginning of a new era.
- Seeks to inflame the populace into rising up against our oppressors.
- Is confident in success against an enemy that has no known identity, let alone capability.
- Is playing upon our sympathy for others, resentment for our own situation, and desire to exercise free will.
- Is proceeding very methodically.
- Zero holds a great deal of similarity with Lucifer.
- Zero has no allegiance to either side of the larger conflict.
- Zero might or might not prove loyal to those who align with him.
- Zero is potentially dangerous.
- Zero must be watched very carefully.
- Zero may be an excellent ally.


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