Aug. 24th, 2009

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Throughout my admittedly short life, I've had ample experience and exposure to death of all kinds.  Many might consider this to not be the best time to bring up the subject of killing, what with the rash of violence that has plagued us recently, but I have to disagree.  This is precisely the time to discuss what it means and what it implies to kill.

First, to call anyone a killer requires a somewhat more specific definition.  There's the unspoken acknowledgment that almost every animal benefits from the death of others.  Uprooting plants, destroying intruding bacteria, eating meat, making paper, whatever else.  Animal life is predicated on death.  This is not a unique sin to humanity, but humans, in their penchant for creating sophisticated cultures, have gone one step further.

I have heard of the saying that "Great minds discuss ideas.  Mediocre minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people."  With a small change, this also defines the status of a killer.  Mere warped reprobates - like our late Birdman - kill people.  It was in his nature; the ending of human lives amused him, fulfilled him, defined him.  For all his power, he was a small mind bearing a small knife.

CARP and other such reactionary groups - as well as those who move to redress wrongs for justice's sake - seek to kill an event.  CARP's maddened frenzy was an attempt to undo the tragedy of the giant's first attack, by blaming those of us who came with it.  Much like those in America who prayed for deliverance from some immaterial "Yellow Peril," these people are consumed by fear.  The perceived ending of their suffering defines their actions, and has the potential to spark greater hysteria, whether for or against.  By contrast, the police has worked to erase violence and fear among us, to preserve our peace and security in face of opposition.  This guardianship defines them, the parent embracing the crying child.

This brings us to the last category: revolutionaries.

From what I've seen of the world, revolutionaries are the most esoteric killers of all.  They attempt to kill ideas - time, in a manner of speaking.  The turning of the wheels of culture - of human society - moves in fits and starts, and all because of them.  It is through their efforts that an era begins, and in many cases, an era ends.  Whether for good or ill, they shape the world for generations after their deaths.  The example in this case, though I might attract some ire, is Zero and his Black Knights.  They have some partnership with the police here, and act as assistants, but it's obvious from Zero's manner of speaking that his aims in his homeland were far greater.  I have heard snatches of stories: tyranny, intrigue, and oppression, all of which Zero has striven to combat.  Whether or not he has succeeded is not within my expertise to answer, and neither are his true intentions here.  I doubt, however, that he has any more opportunity than any of us to create such a grand cage of oppression as many have shown that they fear.

By now, I would guess that any reading this are now asking one question: what significance does this have to our current situation?

Absolutely nothing.  It's just a thought I had. 


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