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Special OOC Comment: As I've done in previous posts, text in {curly braces} is in Japanese.  Unless your character actually knows Japanese, they will not understand that text.

Hello.  Is name Kashima Naoki.  New arrive to America, and not so good in English class.  I ask Mr. Everyone, what is best in life?

((ooc comment: Yes, if someone wants to quote Ghengis Khan via Conan the Barbarian, they're welcome to do so.  Naoki won't get it, though.  He'll think you're being serious.))

{For those who can read Japanese: I'm sorry for my horrible English; I probably should have studied harder.  Either way, I'm a new arrival here in America, trapped like everyone else.  What I mean to ask is what people around here consider to be the foremost ideal of human society.  It's a small hobby of mine to find out what people think.

Another hobby of mine is strategy and puzzle games.  If anyone wants to play chess, go, or anything else like that, I could certainly use the distraction; I'm in the Mansfield Hotel, under the care of Usagi Tsukino (I arrived here badly injured, and I'm probably not going to be able to leave for another day or two) and under the glare of Minako Aino.  I'm borrowing one of the computers around here for the time being.

Oh, and if anyone is able to tutor me and help me speak better English, I'll repay you however I can.}


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