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I'll be away from the Hotel for the forseeable future.  Don't attempt to find me.  I'm safe, but I need to be apart from others right now.

Lelouch, I haven't forgotten our game. Ngh6.
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{Yes, that's her.

I hope so too. She seems like she could be a wonderful friend...if only she weren't hurting inside so badly.}
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{What makes someone hurt inside? Can we make her better?}
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{Sadness...the belief that the world is too cruel to endure.

That's what's hurting her. She doesn't believe in kindness. She doesn't believe in mercy. She believes in nothing but pain and misery and claws across her throat.

If she had more power, she'd be a terrifying killer. As it is, she's a pitiable victim.}
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{Sometime, I want to meet her.}

{Does she even have power? Most humans I've seen don't.}
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{I don't know when, but you will.

She has little power beyond that of a normal human. Perhaps some talent for magic, but that's the extent of it.

Her Magatsuhi tastes so intensely of tears.
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{...I see.}

{I wonder what her blood tastes like...}
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{I wouldn't try, at least not now. She's scared of "monsters" and unnatural things, and to her, vampires would be quite unnatural. She thinks you're human, besides.

I know you were only wondering, but I suppose it's best to say anyway. Sorry if I'm being improper, Miss Devil.}
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{Not at all. Thank you for telling me, Searcher.

{Do what you can for her. She seems like a nice friend; I'd hate to see her break like Tsuki.}
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{You're welcome, F-

...Break?! What happened? Did she get help?}
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{Well, I had to try for a week but help finally came.}

{She was all twisty and weird. Her legs were broken.}


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