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 It's not usually my thing to fill these out - and hell, I don't even have a personal LJ nor do I particularly want one - but this might help me sort a few things out, so yeah.

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This is K2.  Threshold bridge secure.  Pincer attack on security forces' rear line well underway.
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Riza-san?  Nemesis?  Are you there?

Um...sorry.  To anyone with a radio.  I'm looking for two people: Miss Riza Wildman and Miss Aya Brea.  If they're there, please tell them that Kashima Naoki is okay, and would like to talk to them.
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((OOC Reminder: Text in {curly braces} is in Japanese))

[The camera shows Naoki standing, shirtless, his markings glowing brightly.  His look is as implacable as ever, but one might see - if they were careful - that he is neither afraid nor eager.  There is, however, a hint of sadness.]

They will regret this.  Death does not die. 

Death kills.

I kill.

{Mr. Tagruato.  For your sake, I hope you aren't stupid enough to be present wherever you decide to put us.}

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Throughout my admittedly short life, I've had ample experience and exposure to death of all kinds.  Many might consider this to not be the best time to bring up the subject of killing, what with the rash of violence that has plagued us recently, but I have to disagree.  This is precisely the time to discuss what it means and what it implies to kill.

First, to call anyone a killer requires a somewhat more specific definition.  There's the unspoken acknowledgment that almost every animal benefits from the death of others.  Uprooting plants, destroying intruding bacteria, eating meat, making paper, whatever else.  Animal life is predicated on death.  This is not a unique sin to humanity, but humans, in their penchant for creating sophisticated cultures, have gone one step further.

I have heard of the saying that "Great minds discuss ideas.  Mediocre minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people."  With a small change, this also defines the status of a killer.  Mere warped reprobates - like our late Birdman - kill people.  It was in his nature; the ending of human lives amused him, fulfilled him, defined him.  For all his power, he was a small mind bearing a small knife.

CARP and other such reactionary groups - as well as those who move to redress wrongs for justice's sake - seek to kill an event.  CARP's maddened frenzy was an attempt to undo the tragedy of the giant's first attack, by blaming those of us who came with it.  Much like those in America who prayed for deliverance from some immaterial "Yellow Peril," these people are consumed by fear.  The perceived ending of their suffering defines their actions, and has the potential to spark greater hysteria, whether for or against.  By contrast, the police has worked to erase violence and fear among us, to preserve our peace and security in face of opposition.  This guardianship defines them, the parent embracing the crying child.

This brings us to the last category: revolutionaries.

From what I've seen of the world, revolutionaries are the most esoteric killers of all.  They attempt to kill ideas - time, in a manner of speaking.  The turning of the wheels of culture - of human society - moves in fits and starts, and all because of them.  It is through their efforts that an era begins, and in many cases, an era ends.  Whether for good or ill, they shape the world for generations after their deaths.  The example in this case, though I might attract some ire, is Zero and his Black Knights.  They have some partnership with the police here, and act as assistants, but it's obvious from Zero's manner of speaking that his aims in his homeland were far greater.  I have heard snatches of stories: tyranny, intrigue, and oppression, all of which Zero has striven to combat.  Whether or not he has succeeded is not within my expertise to answer, and neither are his true intentions here.  I doubt, however, that he has any more opportunity than any of us to create such a grand cage of oppression as many have shown that they fear.

By now, I would guess that any reading this are now asking one question: what significance does this have to our current situation?

Absolutely nothing.  It's just a thought I had. 
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{Riza-san...if you're thinking of going...don't.  Please.}
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I spoke to Riza-san about this earlier, but I have a strong suspicion about the nature of this place.  The evidence suggests that this island is a virtual construct, simulated with sensory data delivered to our brains.

The Clues:
- The sudden teleportation of the crossing boat.
- Sudden disappearances and appearances of people from myriad realities.
- Transformation from human to giant, ignoring conservation of mass.
- "Lost days" in which none were conscious without exception.

- We could be in fact perfectly mundane people, implanted with personality and ability templates of our personae here in Manhattan.  Our identities could be manufactured as part of a social experiment to determine the dynamics of human society in response to supernatural stresses.
- A possible alternate reason for the above would be that this Manhattan is a shell program that simplifies the interface of some sort of antivirus action, wherein the crabs and giant represent corrupt or malicious code and our duty is to restore the system's proper function.
- We could have been captured by a cross-dimensional authority of some kind, who have created this virtual world to keep us docile while in transit.  People who disappear in this scenario might be transferred to an alternate facility or holding cell.

I don't know what other possibilities there are.  If anyone has a better suggestion, please tell me.
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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- Escape from the island is confirmed beyond our current means.
Additional Realities:
- The giants are definitely intelligent.
Additional Conclusions:
- None currently.
Subjective Conjecture:
- This might be a virtual reality.

Subject: Riza Wildman
- Daughter of a great werewolf, Volg Wildman
- Has intense negative feelings about vampires.
- Has a strong sense of honor and filial piety.
- Is somewhat uncomfortable with soft expressions of emotion.
- Is an expert fighter.
- Thinks highly of me.
- Knows my story and my nickname.
- Has offered me shelter in her world if she gains passage back.
- Riza Wildman is my closest friend here.
- Riza Wildman would be a welcome addition to any journey I make from here.

Subject: Zero
Additional Realities:
- Has strong feelings for Miss Euphemia.
- Zero might take drastic action against those who hurt her.

Subject: Boriane Daermon
- Is devoutly religious.
- Worships a god of death named Boron.
- Speaks a language very similar to Japanese.
- Is an expert fighter specializing in quick killing strikes.
- Has demonic powers that she fights to keep in check.
- Boriane is an assassin.
- Boriane is dependable so long as she does not fall under the sway of her god.
Subjective Conjecture:
- She might be an attempt by Lucifer to replace me.  The full extent of her power remains unknown.

Subject: CARP
- Seeks purity of origin.
- Holds xenophobia as a constructive world view.
- Shows no compunctions about attacking defenseless bystanders.
- CARP is a dangerous organization.
- CARP must be monitored, but not attacked.
Subjective Conjecture:
- It is possible that CARP is a plant from our jailers to sow mistrust and weaken outsiders' appeal.
- The second CARP loses credibility...I will not hesitate.
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They're stronger.  There's something different about the air around them as well.

{Shirogane, do you have a gun yet?}

[private to Aya; difficult to hack]

Nemesis, please respond.


May. 22nd, 2009 10:16 pm
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[At first, it's silent but for breathing, heavy with melancholy.  Several seconds pass before a quiet voice.]

"It shrilled terror to the ears that heard it through the hall's side-wall, the grisly plaint of God's enemy, his song of ill success, the sobs of the damned one bewailing his pain."

[A click as the voice feed shuts off.]

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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- No additions.
Additional Realities:
- I was heavily injured despite my demonic powers, as predicted.
- People disappearing is apparently not unheard of.
Additional Conclusions:
- I must gain skill in fighting without using a large portion of my demonic powers.
Subjective Conjecture:
- Perhaps the jailers of this place consider the disappeared no longer useful...or seek to perform personal tests.

Subject: Sephiroth (winged)
- I helped save his life.
- Has no sense of sympathy.
- Considers others playthings.
- Is very cynical.
- Is an expert swordsman.
- Has superhuman powers.
- Encouraged Flandre's emotional instability.
- I defeated him in a fair fight.
Subjective Assertion:
- Even his name puts on airs.
- Sephiroth is dangerous.
- Sephiroth is not to be trusted.

Subject: Aya Brea
- Is a police officer.
- Has a firm dedication to serving law and order.
- Acts as a philosophical counterweight and practical complement to Zero.
- Possesses a calm and rational attitude hiding a passion for justice.
- Has acted decisively in bringing a balancing force of law to the chaotic city.
Subjective Assertion:
- Nice butt.
- Aya Brea is a competent leader figure.
- Aya Brea seems trustworthy.

Subject: Poniko
- Is a psychological fragment manifested from the psyche of a girl named Madotsuki.
- Has a semi-caustic sense of humor.
- Has a touchy attitude concerning her own identity.
- Fears the dark.
- Is host to a nightmare-like manifestation named Uboa.
- Poniko is, as she taught me, "snarky.
- Poniko should be watched carefully when moving from the light to shadow.
- Poniko is good speaking company.

Subject: Uboa
- Is a psychological fragment manifested from the psyche of a girl named Madotsuki.
- Dredges up painful memories and horrific visions in the minds of any who touch it.
- Seems to enjoy sowing fear.
- Causes Poniko great pain and consternation.
- Only appears at the moment when light fades.
- Is removed temporarily when light envelops himself and Poniko.
- Uboa is dangerous.
- Uboa should be avoided.

Sakuri Kunikai
Additional Realities:
- Is gone.
- Loved life in those final moments.
Additional Conclusions:
- I managed to save her.
- I should be proud.
Subjective Assertion:
- Wherever Sakuri ends up...I hope she'll remain at peace.

Subject: Tatsuki Arisawa
Additional Realities:
- Is also gone.
- Confessed that she was ready to die until she met me.
- Confessed her love for me.
- I love her too.
Additional Conclusions:
- Tatsuki is out there somewhere.
- I will find her.
Subjective Corollary:
- To anyone trying to manage a long-distance relationship: You now have no right to complain about anything ever again.

Subject: Naoto Shirogane
- Is a detective.
- Is female.
- Acts calmly and rationally.
- Shows intentions of reacting violently if implied to be a lesbian.
Subjective Assertion:
- Naoto is helpful.
- Naoto might have some gender issues.
- Naoto should contact Aya Brea.

Subject: Sora
- Has a black-and-white view of the world.
- Is altruistic and trusting.
- Is steadfastly honest.
- Is a capable swordsman.
- Is naive.
Subjective Assertion:
- Stupid hair.
- No matter his childish aspects, Sora is an ally to be trusted and welcomed.
- Would most likely not join Zero.

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K1 Status report.  No anomalies.  Respond.

[long pause]

Zero.  Respond.

[another long pause before a click off]
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((OOC Comment: Referring to his entry in this post.))

To those affected by this plan, thank you for waiting.  Now, let's see...

Auron - Swordsmanship
Mondays, Thursdays, 7 AM - 10 AM
Location: Stuyvesant Square Park

Boriane Daermon - Swordsmanship and Unarmed Combat
Tuesdays, Fridays, 7 AM - 10 AM
Location: To Be Determined (Being led to location)

Croix Raoul - Marksmanship
Wednesdays, 7 AM - 10 AM
Location: Does Times Square sound alright?

Please remember that this may be subject to change depending on special cases or urgent business concerning either party.  If there are any mistakes, please correct them.
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Lelouch Lamperouge seems to be gravely ill.  Can you help him?
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I've returned to the Amsterdam Court Hotel.

[Private to Naoto Shirogane; Difficult to hack]

{Shirogane, did you ever meet with Brea-san?}
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I have a friend named Flandre Scarlet.  She is very angry right now, and combines the temperament of a child with the power of a demon.  I am not exaggerating.  I warn everyone to be cautious.  I'd deal with her myself, but with things as they are, I am unable to search for her at this time.

To any who find her; if possible, please try to calm her down.  Use force if necessary, but under no circumstances may you kill her.  As I said before, she is a demon, a very powerful one.  Do not underestimate her.

- Destruction of inanimate matter.
- Most likely enhanced strength.

If you can, after she is calm, give her access to a computer.  I would like very much to talk to her.

I apologize for the trouble.
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To anyone concerned: I'm alright.  My mobility is still limited, however.

[some time passes in silence, then a quiet murmuring]

"My darling, I have come to take thee back to the world. Come back, I pray thee..."

This appeal came from the depth of his heart. The goddess sympathized with him most deeply, but answered with tender grief: "Alas! Thou hast come too late. I have already eaten of the furnace of Yomi. Having once eaten the things of this land, it is impossible for me to come back to the world." So saying, she lowered her head in deep despair.

[more silence, except for something that might be sniffling, but indistinct.  After a long pause, he seems to collect himself and return to the mic]

{Oh, and Shirogane?  How are things at the hotel?  I may be able to visit soon, but I can't stay long.}
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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- I have to save Sakuri.
Additional Realities:
- No additions.
Additional Conclusions:
- No additions.

Subject: Sakuri Kunikai
- Has suffered greatly.
- Believes she is currently in an abode for monsters.
- Believes all around her except for Flandre is an enemy.
- Doesn't believe that mercy or comfort exists here.
- Wants me to kill her.
- Sakuri must be cared for.
- Sakuri must be treated with love and kindness.
- If Sakuri gains power while in this mental state, she will become like Chiaki.
- Sakuri must be steered away from despair.

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I'll be away from the Hotel for the forseeable future.  Don't attempt to find me.  I'm safe, but I need to be apart from others right now.

Lelouch, I haven't forgotten our game. Ngh6.
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