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I'll be away from the Hotel for the forseeable future.  Don't attempt to find me.  I'm safe, but I need to be apart from others right now.

Lelouch, I haven't forgotten our game. Ngh6.
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{Sometime, I want to meet her.}

{Does she even have power? Most humans I've seen don't.}
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{I don't know when, but you will.

She has little power beyond that of a normal human. Perhaps some talent for magic, but that's the extent of it.

Her Magatsuhi tastes so intensely of tears.
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{...I see.}

{I wonder what her blood tastes like...}
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{I wouldn't try, at least not now. She's scared of "monsters" and unnatural things, and to her, vampires would be quite unnatural. She thinks you're human, besides.

I know you were only wondering, but I suppose it's best to say anyway. Sorry if I'm being improper, Miss Devil.}
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{Not at all. Thank you for telling me, Searcher.

{Do what you can for her. She seems like a nice friend; I'd hate to see her break like Tsuki.}
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{You're welcome, F-

...Break?! What happened? Did she get help?}
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{Well, I had to try for a week but help finally came.}

{She was all twisty and weird. Her legs were broken.}


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