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I am in Amsterdam Court Hotel.  Is still whole and empty.  Patients and homeless, come.  I can help heal too.


There is hope.
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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- I can't divulge my allegiance to Zero to the general public.  I'm sorry, Tatsuki.
- Any potential allies must be scouted for at least days in advance.
- In public, I must maintain antipathy towards Zero if asked.  Otherwise, stay silent.
Additional Realities:
- There is another giant.
- I have the ability to heal moderate physical injuries.
- There are multiple serious injuries among the populace.
- Many buildings were destroyed.
Additional Conclusions:
- This is not a favorable situation.
- At all.
- People need my skills in healing.
- People need new homes.

Subject: The smaller giant
- Is smaller than the giant.
- Is more prone to panic.
- Lacks demonic power as well.
- The smaller giant is the giant's offspring.
- The smaller giant is the more dangerous one.

Subject: Zero
Additional Realities:
- His helmet has a panel over his left eye that can slide away.
- Has mentioned that Zero's power is "charisma."
Additional Conclusions:
- None yet.
- His demonic power is a charm spell or mind control
- It is vectored through his left eye.
- Intensity and penetration power are left to be determined.
- If the above are true, avoid eye contact if it comes down to a confrontation.
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((ooc comment: This is backdated to the morning of Mia's speech))

{Lelouch.  If you don't mind, I think I'd like that game of go to happen soon.  Is that alright?}

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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- No additions.
Additional Realities:
- No additions
Additional Conclusions:
- No additions

Special Subject:
Additional Realities:
- Seemingly was not aware of the giant creature's potential to disrupt a subway meeting.
- Has secured an unforseen antagonistic response from the general populace.
Additional Conclusions:
- Zero lacked location-specific intelligence.
- Zero is not infallible.

Special Subject: Flandre Scarlet
- Claims to be a Devil.
- Is definitely a demon.
- Seems intelligent, but naive in ways.
- Has lived for at least centuries.
- Considers me a friend.
- Flandre should be respected and treated with kindness.
- Flandre should be corrected firmly, gently, and immediately if she oversteps bounds.
- Flandre is very dangerous.

Special Subject: Daniel Jackson
- Claims to be a linguist.
- Has agreed to tutor me in English.
- Karate Kid!
- Opposes Zero.
- Daniel-san is useful.
- Daniel-san has a lawful state of mind.
- Daniel-san should be treated fairly.

Special Subject: Eve
- Lacks skill in typing and spelling.
- Knows a Dr. Bowman who claimed godhood.
- Lacks knowledge of religion.
- Is trusting.
- Eve is likely not dangerous.
- Eve wants to learn more about the world.
- Eve should be treated kindly.

Special Subject: Raven
- Is a half-demon, on her father's side.
- Dislikes and opposes her father.
- Has had an almost entirely negative experience regarding demons.
- Does not know the origin of my demonic nature.
- Raven is not sure what to think of me.
- Raven dislikes her demonic heritage and nature.
- Raven could be an effort hatched by Lucifer to replace me.

Special Subject: Tatsuki Arisawa
- Claims skill in martial arts.
- Seeks to be a Vale Tudo champion.
- Was injured by Zero's actions.
- Considers Zero incompetent.
- Knows the first part of my experiences in the Vortex World.
- Considers me a friend.
Subjective Opinion:
- She's cute.
- Tatsuki is useful.
- Tatsuki is trustworthy.
- Tatsuki will be a pleasure to work with.
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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- No additions.
Additional Realities:
- Under the subway tunnels, there are large populations of crabs and tunnels used by the giant creature.
- A former federal agent named Aya Brea is attempting to restore a police presence to the city.
- The giant interrupted Zero's speech.
Additional Conclusions:
- People are being dissuaded from entering the subway tunnels.
- Zero may have some competition.
- The giant creature may be under our captors' direct or indirect control.

Special Subject:
Additional Realities:
- Has a great sense of the theatric.
- Seeks a sympathetic rather than an antagonistic response.
- Is serious about his plans, whatever they may be.
- Possesses a small extent of demonic power.
Additional Conclusions:
- Confirmation: Zero must be watched.  Whether or not he must be accepted or refused remains to be seen.
- Zero and Lelouch Lamperouge might be the same person.
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When the earth sunders
And we fall into the void,
Where should our gaze turn?
All the hands reaching for us
Look so much like yako paws.

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Subject: Overview
Additional Rules of the Situation:
- No additions.
Additional Realities:
- There are a comparatively high number of individuals with considerable supernatural/superhuman powers here.
- Said individuals, if dampened to a similar extent as myself, would each possess enough strength unrestricted to be considered powerful demons.
- The survivors in Manhattan have set up a communal economy, with need-based distribution.
- Politically, the society is similar to a loose tribal confederation, with several small groups cooperating on issues concerning the whole.
- The giant creature lacks demonic power of any sort.
- There has been talk of some kind of message indicating the presence of some official authority in the subway tunnels.
Additional Conclusions:
- The survivors follow the same patterns of society as could be expected in similar situations with large groups.
- Overall, the survivors seem more or less trustworthy, but full verification is still required.
- Lucifer might be using this island to gather candidates in order to compensate for my refusal to follow him.

Special Subject:
The giant creature ("Big Mama")
- Uses legs for locomotion.
- From reports, uses solely physical force to defend itself.
- From reports, does not stir except in rare cases, or if disturbed.
- Acts as a host to the smaller creatures.
- Has no sense of demonic power about it.
- Apparently is replaceable.
- Is vulnerable to poison.
- Is highly resistant to physical attack.
- "Big Mama" is devoid of demonic powers, potentially completely natural.
- "Big Mama" is more or less docile.
- "Big Mama" is not the force that keeps us here.

Special Subject: Lelouch Lamperouge
- Is an expert chess player.
- Has a ruthless playing style.
- Comes from a world where America never rose to power and was instead subsumed into a Brittanian Empire.
- Respects tactical acumen.
- Believes in independence gained through power and tempered with the ideal of equality.
- Has made a contract with an unknown entity to gain demonic power (specific nature of power as-yet unverified)
- Has lived in Japan for long enough to be fluent in Japanese.
- Lelouch is an excellent game partner.
- Lelouch is an interesting person with whom to hold a philosophical discussion.
- Lelouch must be watched for ulterior motives.

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((ooc reminder: text in {curly braces} is in Japanese))

{So, that's the giant.

Tiamat who formed all things,
Made in addition weapons invincible; she spawned monster-serpents,
Sharp of tooth, and merciless of fang;
With poison, instead of blood, she filled their bodies.
Fierce monster-vipers she clothed with terror,
With splendor she decked them, she made them of lofty stature.
Whoever beheld them, terror overcame him,
Their bodies reared up and none could withstand their attack.


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((ooc comment: Reminder!  Text in {curly braces} is in Japanese))

{Lelouch.  If you don't mind, I believe my wanderings have taken me rather close to Bryant Park.  Would you like to meet for that chess game upon which we agreed?  I also found a go set, if you want to learn.}
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Subject: Initial Overview
Rules of the Situation:
- Magic and other superhuman abilities are permitted at a reduced potency.
- Escape by physical or supernatural means has been restricted if not outright sealed.
- The normal laws of physics seem to apply.
- A giant creature and several smaller creatures serve as an impromptu network of guards against escape.
- The smaller creatures periodically harass residents; the giant one lays dormant until disturbed.
- The giant creature is said to be natural; will have to verify.
- Physical isolation is enforced, not natural; boats can most likely traverse the water if not for the giant creature.  Birds can fly freely.
- Humans are present, not Manikins.
- Demons of the commonly recognized clans are not present.
- Thor nor the Seraphs seem to hold any sway here, nor do the other Fiends.  Kagutsuchi is also absent.
- The Gaian Cult and Messian Church have no presence here.
- The world seems mostly intact; there is rubble, at the very least.
- The world seems very similar to the world before the Conception.  The monster is the only identifiable discrepancy.
- All continuities seem to have a connection here.
- This world is very likely still connected to Amala.
- This is not a Vortex World.
- This is potentially a world created according to some Reason that restricts supernatural power.
- Whatever force or being trapping us here is testing our response to various stresses.
- That force is most likely neither the Great Will nor Lucifer.

Special Subject: Zero
- Claims the beginning of a new era.
- Seeks to inflame the populace into rising up against our oppressors.
- Is confident in success against an enemy that has no known identity, let alone capability.
- Is playing upon our sympathy for others, resentment for our own situation, and desire to exercise free will.
- Is proceeding very methodically.
- Zero holds a great deal of similarity with Lucifer.
- Zero has no allegiance to either side of the larger conflict.
- Zero might or might not prove loyal to those who align with him.
- Zero is potentially dangerous.
- Zero must be watched very carefully.
- Zero may be an excellent ally.
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Special OOC Comment: As I've done in previous posts, text in {curly braces} is in Japanese.  Unless your character actually knows Japanese, they will not understand that text.

Hello.  Is name Kashima Naoki.  New arrive to America, and not so good in English class.  I ask Mr. Everyone, what is best in life?

((ooc comment: Yes, if someone wants to quote Ghengis Khan via Conan the Barbarian, they're welcome to do so.  Naoki won't get it, though.  He'll think you're being serious.))

{For those who can read Japanese: I'm sorry for my horrible English; I probably should have studied harder.  Either way, I'm a new arrival here in America, trapped like everyone else.  What I mean to ask is what people around here consider to be the foremost ideal of human society.  It's a small hobby of mine to find out what people think.

Another hobby of mine is strategy and puzzle games.  If anyone wants to play chess, go, or anything else like that, I could certainly use the distraction; I'm in the Mansfield Hotel, under the care of Usagi Tsukino (I arrived here badly injured, and I'm probably not going to be able to leave for another day or two) and under the glare of Minako Aino.  I'm borrowing one of the computers around here for the time being.

Oh, and if anyone is able to tutor me and help me speak better English, I'll repay you however I can.}

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